Online Training Program


A multi-level membership training opportunity which includes dance, fitness, mindfulness and more.



Join me for my weekly advanced class on Thursday’s at 5:30 at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles

Private Lessons

In private lessons we can work on technique, performance, flexibility, confidence, choreography and more. You will get personalized attention, feedback, critiques and encouragement!

  • Single Rate: $100 per hour (subject to additional fees for space rental)
  • 2-Student Rate:  $150.00 per hour (plus space rental)
  • 3+ Student Rate $60.00 per person per hour (plus space rental)
Mentorship and Healing

Energy Healing

Dana is Reiki I & II certified. Healings are in person locally in Los Angeles or wherever she is traveling.

  • $65 per hour

Consultations, Guidance and Mentorship

Want help achieving your goals? Looking to make it in the dance world and need some guidance? Benefit from Dana’s extensive success as an accomplished dancer, influencer and choreographer with a one-on-one session. Sessions can be done in person or over the phone and are tailored to your needs.

  • In-person: $60 for 45 minutes, $75 per hour
  • Phone: $50 for 45 minutes, $65 per hour
Choreography, Workshops & Events


Dana can create original, cutting edge choreography for music videos, live shows, commercials, movies and tours! Her choreography is dynamic, energetic and perfect for any artist. She can also create quality performance pieces for competitive studios and teams!

Master Classes and Workshops

Dana offers master classes and workshops in hip hop and Street Jazz for all ages and ability levels. You can organize a master class for your group during your visit to LA or can fly her to your studio, anywhere in the world!

Event Host & Public Speaker

Dana can speak on a variety of entertainment industry related topics. She provides motivation and inspiration with an authenticity and excitement that few can match. She is available for talks, motivational speaking, Q&A’s and to host red carpet or industry events!